Hydrotherapy involves doing exercises in a warm water pool to treat injuries and different conditions. Exercise Physiologists have specialist training to assist you with these exercises.

Hydrotherapy can vary depending on your needs but is generally focused on increasing range of motion, strength and stability.

The sessions can be individual or group based but are always individualised to your needs so you can achieve your goals. Some of the main conditions that hydrotherapy is most useful for are; different types of arthritis, various surgeries, back pain, bone fractures/breaks, falls prevention and many more!

Benefits of hydrotherapy

  • The warm water improves your circulation and blood flow to the muscles, causing them to relax as well as reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain.
  • The water supports your body weight, helping to relieve pain and allow you to exercise more freely
  • Water provides resistance when exercising which can promote strength and stability gains.
  • It is used to treat different health conditions while not having any major negative side effects.
  • As well as all the great benefits that come along with any form of exercise!

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